What is BitCoinReminder.com?
BitcoinReminder is a 24/7 realtime notification service for people who want to
stay up to date about current bitcoin exchange rates.
  • Worldwide realtime Bitcoin price notifications via Email and Text/SMS
  • Highly reliable Text/SMS gateway (also used by fireworkers!)
  • Direct connection to all of our supported markets
  • Free weekly reminders! Try it out free!
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BitcoinReminder.com is a realtime email & text/SMS notification service for users looking to stay up to date with the markets' bitcoin rates.

  • No activation or setup fee!
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Our system monitors Bitcoin exchange rates (see yellow box on the right side) 24/7 and alerts you via email or text/SMS if the markets' rate drops or exceeds your specified limits.

What our users say

I love your service.
Greg N., USA

Great work!
Benjamin K., Germany

Wow, you guys are awesome.
Nathanael B., USA

... it works great!
Abdelaziz B., unknown


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